GPS tracking watchAccording to the Alzheimer’s Association, 6 in 10 people with dementia will wander and periods of disorientation worsen as the disease progresses. Confusion and wandering can lead to serious injury or death in older people, but these dangers can be prevented with GPS technology. There are several location devices for the elderly to wear in the event they wander away from a caregiver’s watch. We highlight five of the industry’s best.

GPS Tracking Watches

One of the most important considerations to make when investing in a GPS tracking device is how your loved one will feel about being monitored. One vital point to emphasize is that this measure is for safety. Although they make not like the idea of wearing a device so apparent, there are more discreet options for tracking, like sporty GPS watches.

Project Lifesaver

In the GPS tracking business to keep seniors safe for over 15 years, Project Lifesaver can quickly locate a senior citizen who has wandered off with the help of local first response teams. When your loved one wanders out of the location you have set as the “Safe Zone,” you are notified right away and receive updates until the senior has been safely brought home. Project Lifesaver’s average recovery time is less than 30 minutes from the initial alert.

Bluewater Security

This company’s dementia tracking perfect watches use GPS technology to accurately locate your loved one when the watch and GPS signal become separated from each other. On your smartphone, you will receive the exact street address and zip code where the person has wandered off to, so you can further track movements until he or she is recovered.

Personal Alarms

If wearable technology is not an option for your family member, there are also several personal-sized alarm systems that can be carried around in a pocket or cell phone.


These GPS devices are small and waterproof for convenient transportation and accurate tracking. When your loved one wanders off, you will be notified of his or her exact location down to the street address, altitude and distance from your current location. You can also see the speed at which your loved one is moving as you enact your emergency rescue plan.


The Mindme personal alarm is about the size of a car’s key fob. It uses GPS and the mobile phone network to locate wanderers within a mile of their designated safe location. As the caregiver, you can contact the Mindme response center directly and receive updates on your loved one’s location every five minutes.


This last tracking device can be used by the whole family, but is especially helpful for your older loved ones. You will be alerted of movement outside of the set “Guard Zone” and can control how often you want to be notified of a family member’s current location. In addition to location tracking, iTraq can also detect motion and falls.

It is a caregiver’s ultimate goal to keep the elderly safe, but wandering can happen in an instant. If an aging person in your life is constantly roaming, consider admission to a skilled nursing facility. Contact West Hartford Health & Rehabilitation Center to learn more.