reflexology on a man's footReflexology is a type of zone therapy that relaxes and balances the body through pressure points. These areas can be anywhere from the top of the head to the tip of the toes. When pressure points are massaged by a licensed therapist, energy blockages are cleared between our connected body parts. For instance, there is said to be an energy channel between the heart and the foot.

So, seniors who experience mild chest pain may benefit from foot reflexology. How does this therapy help to improve overall health?

Relief from Chronic Conditions

The pressure points manipulated through reflexology are connected by our nervous system. This manual therapy technique helps to relieve symptoms from conditions like arthritis, indigestion, multiple sclerosis and post-surgery recovery. Reflexology is also beneficial to seniors who have spent years on their feet and may be prone to falls. Pressure applied specifically to the foot can help improve balance and flexibility while relieving tension.

Enhanced Mental Wellness

Reflexology also helps senior patients to be more relaxed and energized, which encourages more physical activity. When we exercise, chemicals are released in our brains that make us feel happier. However, some older individuals are restricted from exercise due to certain medical conditions. For example, mobility issues that cause pain and keep a resident off his or her feet. When these issues are improved, seniors can spend more time doing the activities they love, which also enhances overall mood. Fight negative effects of the aging process, including depression and chronic pain, with a reflexology session!

Although we do not currently offer reflexology at West Hartford Health & Rehabilitation Center, we support its benefits for older individuals. At our facility, we encourage our able-bodied residents to participate in exercise classes. We offer a variety of recreational activities to help enhance quality of life at our facility, including physical therapy, Zumba and weight lifting. The Recreation Department does its best to accommodate special interests when there is something new a resident would like to see on our recreation calendar.
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