senior man playing cardsWhen a loved one experiences an acute trauma or the time comes for mom or dad to be admitted to a skilled nursing facility, it is essential to tour potential homes before making a final decision. Visiting a facility during its hours of operation gives your family an idea of what life is like for patients and residents.

Upon arriving at a skilled nursing home, what should be on your checklist?

1. What Is Your First Impression?

When you walk in the door, what feeling do you get? Does the facility appear clean, comfortable and safe for immobile residents? A modern skilled nursing home will have handrails, wheelchair accessibility and no unpleasant odors. An up-to-date facility should also have fresh paint or wallpaper, décor or floor plants. At West Hartford Health & Rehabilitation Center, we want our patients and residents to feel welcome and at home.

2. Ask About the Services You Seek

Is your loved one being admitted for stroke recovery, dementia or injury rehabilitation? No matter what service you’re seeking, it is important to ask questions about specialized treatment plans, staff qualifications and amenities for the specific condition. Request to see the rehabilitation rooms and recreational areas, to get a clear idea of how treatment is administered and activities are designed for people living with the same ailment as your loved one.

3. View the State Inspection Report

Every skilled nursing facility is required to display their state inspection report results in an area that is visible to all. Both visitors and residents, as well as staff, should have access to see the results of this annual report, which covers areas like health, fire safety and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Quality Rating.

4. Observe Staff and Resident Interaction

Admitting a family member to a home can be a difficult and emotional process. The last thing you want is for your loved one to live in a home where residents are treated with disrespect by the nursing staff. When the staff-to-resident ratio is low, treatment tends to be worse. At West Hartford Health & Rehabilitation Center, our ratio exceeds the standard and our staff makes a conscious effort to develop friendly relationships with all residents.

5. Ask to See the Rooms

Another important factor to consider before committing to a skilled nursing facility is the accommodations. Will your loved one be sharing a cramped room and bathroom or are the living areas more spacious? Do the rooms feel like home, or do residents lack the freedom to decorate their area with photos and flowers? Take into account privacy, cleanliness and comfort before making a decision.

Searching for a skilled nursing facility that specializes in short-term rehab, long-term care or dementia? Contact West Hartford Health & Rehabilitation Center to schedule a tour today!